WoodNature Venetians

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Venetian Blinds

WoodNature timber-look venetian blinds are functional, durable and easy to maintain.



  • The natural characteristics of real timber means many colour and grain variations which can produce an inconsistent looking product. WoodNature Blinds features a contemporary colour palette and have been developed to capture the look of real wood whilst eliminating any inconsistencies.


  • Thickness of the slat gives the blind more strength and allows for wider tape spacing, making fabrication and installation quicker.



  • Made from polystyrene and engineered to resist fading, cracking, discolouration, peeling and warping.
  • Slats can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth with no need to continually re-stain the blinds as you do with real wood.
  • UV coated and moisture-resistant suitable for use in hot and humid climates and also features a beaded finish to reduce scuff marks.
Snow White 820
Pearl White 962
Alabaster 963
Natural 830
Oak 659
Pecan 676
Coachwood 971
Cherry 833