Aluminium Venetians

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Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetians offer excellent light & privacy control with timeless style.

Modern Design
Available in two slat sizes, 25mm and 50mm, with a contemporary colour palette inspired by Australian home interior trends. Slats, ladder braids, and cords have been designed to coordinate with hardware for a seamless look.

Superior Performance
Slats are extensively painted to deliver superior performance and ultimate flexibility. Resistant to kinking, corrosion and with a no-chip or flake finish. All components have been produced with high-quality plastic and steel materials offering a reliable blind for many years to come.

Smooth Operation
Featuring a wand and cord operation offering smooth and precise control of light with a simple open and close movement of the slat.

Energy Benefits
Aluminium Venetian Blinds are effective reflectors of light and heat. This means less heat emanating from the windows reducing the need for cooling.

System Options 
A variety of optional blind styles are available allowing a custom solution for every window. 

Duo-Flex® Operating System 
Slats are grouped to enabling maximum control of light levels by adjusting the various sections of the blind. 
Between Glass 
Designed to fit between glass panels of a double glazed window, the system can be adjusted with a tilt control knob, remote control or with an internal or external cord raise for maintenance purposes. 
Twi-Nighter® Venetian Blinds 
Eliminates light filtering through slats when closed through specialised positioning of rout holes, this offers greater privacy and light control 
A limited feature edition is also available using reduced slats for a more economical alternative with no clutch, wand or tilt limiter. 
Optimal Size Limitations 
For the best performance and longevity, below are the maximum dimensions for finished blinds. 
25mm Venetians 50mm Venetians 
Max width  3300mm Max width  4000mm
Max height  3000mm Max height  3000mm
Max area  6sqm  Max area  10sqm


Aluminium Venetian Systems

All slats are engineered and manufactured in Europe from 0.22mm gauge high-grade Aluminium. 

25mm System 50mm System

Featuring a contemporary square headrail, the system is complemented with a smooth curved bottom rail which sits neatly at the base of the slats offering a modern finish. 

The classic 50mm System is designed especially for use with the wider slats. The system can cover openings as large as 10sqm and accommodate most window applications. 


Disclaimer: Colours shown are as close as possible to actual slat colours.  Colour reproduction can vary when viewing on your screen and may not represent the true colour.  For accuracy always confirm your colour choice with a swatch sample.

Brilliant White 25mm 26.045.0204
Fresh Alabaster 25mm 26.045.0696
Warm Pure Silk 25mm 26.045.4499
Euro Rich Cream 25mm 26.045.4451
Glazed Fawn 25mm 26.045.4806
Paperbark 25mm 26.045.4642
Traditional Donkey 25mm 26.045.4544
Ebony 25mm 26.045.1858
Black 25mm 26.045.1803
Steel 25mm 26.045.9771
Shale 25mm 26.045.1601
Smooth Grey Sheen 25mm 26.045.0952
Sterling 25mm 26.045.7010
Storm 25mm 26.045.1650
Cool White 25mm 26.045.0292
Bright Silver 25mm 26.045.7113