Optional Accessories

Pitch Control +
Pitch Control

To provide maximum shading comfort, Pitch Control is available on all models (except the FA45 Cross-Over awning).

The projection angle is adjustable (from -5° to -40°) just by rotating the pitch control eyelets with the crank handle.

For variable pitch, the unique easy-tilt function allows you to adjust the pitch angle when the awning is fully projected.

Roller Valance +
Roller Valance

The Roller Valance provides an additional fabric drop in the front profile for maximum shade protection. Designed to accommodate sunscreen fabric with a maximum drop of approximately 2.1m (depending on fabric used), the Roller Valance is manually operated by crank handle. This option is available on the FA44 Design, FA45 Cross-Over, FA46 Fabric-Beam and FA48 Semi-Cassette models for awnings up to a width of 7m.

Telescopic Support +
Telescopic Support

A Telescopic Support is offered on all Sirocco models to provide added stability for any awning. The support slides into the front profile of the Sirocco model, extending to the ground on the lower end to provide extra support and stability to the awning.

This option is especially suited to wider width awnings, for example, at restaurants or outdoor seating areas where a wide awning will be projected for long periods of time. The telescopic support helps to keep even the widest awning stable, giving you peace of mind.

Hood +

A selection of hoods is available for each Sirocco model, to add a premium finish and extra protection to your Sirocco Folding Arm Awning. Please contact us for more information on available hoods.

Crank Handles +
Crank Handles

Colour-matched Crank Handles are available in 0.8m, 1.2m, 1.6m, 1.8m, 2m and 2.4m length in a range of colour options. Achieve perfect colour coordination with white, silver and black crank handles designed to match your awning hardware.

Add motorisation to your folding arm awning for ease of operation.  Optional sun and wind sensors are also available.  Visit the Motorisation page for more information.