Operating Options

Motorisation +

Incorporating the best of technology & design, control your awning with a touch of a button. A range of premium & cost effective motorisation solutions are available.

Light Lift +
Light Lift

An innovative operating option allowing you to raise & lower the awning to any desired position by simply moving the bottom rail by hand, compatible with the Side Retention System.

Manual Crank +
Manual Crank

The geared crank ensures easy operation that is not dependent on your strength, available in 2 gear ratios and various crank handle lengths.

Internal Cord Winch +
Internal Cord Winch

Perfect Solution to operate your awning when the weather is not idea outside.
Only available on 60mm tube.

Standard Spring Operation +
Standard Spring Operation

Allows you to manually adjust the height of the awning & secure using either the sliding bolt system or hold down clip option.