The Alpha Awning Series Bottom Rail hold the fabric taunt & minimises any movement in windy situations.
The unique bottom rail is designed for functionality and quick installation.

Weight Bar +
Weight Bar

An additional weight bar can be inserted into the bottom rail for smaller awnings that require additional weight to reduce bottom rail bounce & increase fabric tension.
An additional 1.2kgs can be added per metre.

Locking Bolt +
Locking Bolt

Secures the awning into the side channel base, cable bracket or breeching staple. As the bolt is inserted inside the base rail, the system maintains its clean aesthetic, and allows the bottom rail to be positioned closer to the ground.

Hold Down Strap +
Hold Down Strap

Hold down straps can be used to hold the awning down at various points across the width of the awning. Similar to the locking bolts, the hold down clips insert inside the bottom rail for a clean finish.

Pile Brush & Valance +
Pile Brush & Valance

The floor surface is often not perfectly level. When an awning is installed over a wide width there will be room for light gaps, insects, debris, wind & rain to enter. A pile brush or a fabric valance can be inserted eliminating this gap.