Alpha M

The Turnils Alpha M is the next evolution in external awnings, Australia’s first & only magnetic retention system, delivering 200kg^ of pull force keeping fabric taut and neat inside channels. Developed for diverse weather conditions and adapted locally for Australia’s harsh climate, Alpha M offers unparalleled strength and performance.

Turnils Alpha M Awning


Advanced Technology

Pairs of Neodymium Magnets, in both the side channel and the screen guide, provide powerful pull force on either side keeping fabrics taut within the channel. Fabric snaps into position as the awning is lowered, raised or moved with push force keeping the awning looking beautifully smooth, flat and taut.

The free floating side channels gives the fabric the ability to breathe in and relax out during windy weather and still return to full tension.


Inner Strength

Featuring a tube-in-tube design for unrivalled strength and minimal deflection via a 60mm octagonal tube nested within a uniquely shaped 102mm rounded tube. The specially engineered design enables the awning to hang straight at ultrawide sizes extending up to 6.5 metres wide.


Clever Self Correction

Alpha M has the smarts to self-correct fabric blow outs back into position without a service call. Simply raise the awning above where the skin has come out and lower the awning completely. The powerful magnets effortlessly return the Stance Fibreglass Sunscreen fabric into the channel and pulls it tight eliminating the appearance of creases or folds.


Keder Design

A heavy-duty keder system interlocks the fabric within side guides. When partnered with the patented magnet technology, this creates a more robust awning less prone to failures. The flexible PVC keder core is embedded in a highly durable Teflon® coated polyester with a high tear strength to withstand harsh Australian conditions.


Covering Out of Square

Side channels can accommodate 12mm of free-floating movement either side for out of square applications. For any out of square installation scenarios, the ‘donut’ helps to change the angle of the fabric as it tracks up or down, keeping it straight, tight and beautiful at any interval during operation. Adjustments can be made during installation to ensure the optimal fit by sliding the donut in small increments along the tube on either end before fixing into place.

A U-Channel can also be used for larger out of square applications up to 70mm to allow for adequate fixing and a neatly concealed finish.


Headbox Protection

Located within the opening of the headbox are two specially designed brushes to prevent insects, dirt and debris entering the headbox and creating nests or damaging fabric. As the awning moves up or down, the dual-brush design assists to dust the fabric clean to increase longevity.

An open roller option is also available for ceiling inset installations.


Heavy Duty Bottom Rail

Specially weighted to deliver a smooth and consistent operating experience, the heavy duty bottom rail balances the fabric within the side channels. The bottom rail allows the awning to remain in any position for optimal light and heat control with minimal movement during moments of windy weather. It also allows the awning to be deployed and retracted in wind. Finished with a plush bottom brush to neatly rest on uneven surfaces reducing light gaps and preventing insects and debris from entering.


Effortless Control

Motorised with Merger, the awning can be paired with the Neo Smart home automation solution for control anywhere in the world via an easy to use app.

Getting sunny? Planning a pool party? Simply control your Alpha M from your smartphone for the ultimate in outdoor comfort.


Alpha M also pairs with the Merger Sun and Wind Sensor, offering peace of mind. In the event of extreme weather conditions the sensor will automatically retract once a high wind level is reached.

It is recommended that all awnings be retracted in windy conditions.


Part of the Alpha Family

Alpha M has been designed to fit in with the current range of Alpha awnings for a seamlessly coordinated home solution across all design options: Pivot Arm, Straight Drop, Cable Guide, SRS and Deep Channel.


Available in 6 colours coordinating with popular Colorbond® and Dulux® colours or mill finish for custom powder-coating.

Minimum Width: 1000mm - Minimum Drop: 1000mm
Maximum Width: 6500mm - Maximum Drop: 4000mm